Environmental Professional

Alex Friedman has conducted and completed over 5,000 Phase I Site Assessments and 1,000 Asbestos Surveys in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Current clients include the development, insurance, banking, mortgage banking, real estate advisory, and realty communities. These environmental assessments include on site property evaluations and comprehensive reviews of regulatory data and public records to identify environmental concerns. Alex Friedman’s extensive formal training combined with his seasoned background, professional certifications, and his years of industry experience provide for diversified environmental services. The success of EAI can be attributed to the consistency, dedication, and quality of service provided.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Phase I Site Property Environmental Assessments as per ASTM E 1527-13 ASTM E 1528-06 (Transaction Screen Process)
  • Visual assessments for the presence of mold, conditions conducive to mold, and evidence of moisture in readily accessible interior areas of the subject site.
  • Visual assessments for the presence of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM): § Asbestos Surveys, Bulk Sampling, and Laboratory analysis New York State
  • Guidance for controlling ACM in buildings
  • Operations and Maintenance Plans (O&Ms)
  • Visual assessments regarding Lead Based Paint (LBP) hazards:


Bachelor of Science, Interdisciplinary Studies - Environmental Science Empire College – State University of New York


  • Inspector, New York State Asbestos Certificate #04-08983
  • EPA-AHERA/ASHARA – 40 CFR 763 – Certificate of Completion Asbestos Safety Training
  • Asbestos Handling License – NYS Department of Labor #29455 Asbestos Management Planner- EPA-AHERA/ASHARA -40 CFR 763
  • EAA Certified Environmental Inspector #41277- CEI Certified Environmental Consultant-CEC
  • Certified Mold Inspector-CMI Certified Mold Specialist-CMS
  • Certification in Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Lead Awareness Certificate
  • Phase II Remedial Investigative Studies Sampling Protocols for Phase II Assessments
  • US Dept of Homeland Security FEMA – Hazardous Materials Prevention: #IS-00340